Hard Truths About Starting A Business

“What’s Your SECRET?”

“How Can I Make Money And Live a
Lifestyle Like You?”

They’re hoping somehow, someway to catch wind of my “secret”…
you know, the “secret sauce” that’s being hidden from them.

Do you feel that way, too?

Then let me be really honest with you…

Success is a choice.

It’s not something that happens to you or a secret you “stumble” upon.

It’s something YOU DECIDE ON and create because you’re sick and tired of the status quo!

A DECISION that you will settle for NOTHING LESS than what you want.

So if it’s not a “hidden secret” only reserved for a select few, then why do some people get it
when the great majority of others don’t?

The answer is simple, although not obvious.

But here it is:

For most folks, the pain of being stuck in their current life is LESS than the pain of
changing (or so you think).

And the funny thing is once you make the decision to actually get up AND DO SOMETHING you find that the
“pain of change” was an illusion all along.

And that going after what you want is…

Fun. Invigorating. Exciting.

And you look back and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

You look back and say…

“What in the world was I thinking– going through life settling for less than I deserve?”

I’m sitting here looking at 6 figures in income over ONE SINGLE MONTH and remembering
a time when I had less than 60 BUCKS to my name.

What made the difference?


A commitment in my SOUL that
“Enough is Enough!”…

I said “No more” to a life of “just getting by”…

….and I was willing to make a few small — but very powerful changes — and start living the
life of my dreams back 22 years ago!

People often ask…

“What’s the price of success?”

My answer: Who cares?

Whatever the price of success,it’s a whole lot less than the price of failure!

Because failure is living a life where you have to look at your loved ones and say,
“I’m sorry I can’t give you what you want.”

Or worse:

“I can’t even give you what you NEED….”

Failure is getting to the end of the journey and finding out that you only moved 6 inches
when you could have gone the distance.

Failure is looking at your children in the eye at the toy store and making up excuses for
why you can’t afford to buy a “stupid$50 toy” that will light up their eyes.

So, yeah…there’s a cost for success.

There’s a price to pay.

-> Yeah, you’ll have to make some decisions you
haven’t made before.

-> Yes, you’ll have to buy something that you haven’t bought.

-> Yes, you might even have sweaty palms and butterflies in your stomach.

-> Yes, you’ll have friends and relatives who make fun of you or try to squash your dreams. (These are
the people you’ll have the most fun with when you’re living a life of freedom and they’re stuck in a dead end job 😉

-> Yes, you’ll have that stupid little voice in your head– your OLD MINDSET fighting for its life — that whispers
to you at 3am that you’re screwing up…it will never work.

Here’s a hint…

That “little voice” is LYING TO YOU!

You DESERVE to live a life FULL of all the good stuff you want…with plenty of money and true freedom.

But, as always, the choice is yours.

So choose well.